Oasis Media Consults is a fast growing registered company that has helped in creating several opportunities for newbie establishments. 

Oasis Media CONSULTS has subsidiaries that attends to various needs of the modern world. 

Here, we have passionate, responsible, experienced personnel that handle all our client requests/jobs.

WHAt we do

Oasis Media Consults services include: Web Design, Content Creation, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Branding of establishments, Song Promotions, Blog/Website/Social Media Handle Management, Training of upcoming journalists, Publishing of News Bulletins & Magazines,  Photography, Red Carpet Hosting, Videography, Vlogging, Rural Outreach to financially aid young Nursery & Primary School Kids.
Web Design

Website Development/Design

Content Creation

 Training Of Upcoming Journalists

Photography / Videography

Music Promotion

 Rural Outreach To Financially Aid Young Nursery & Primary School Kids




The team

We are a team led by passion and creativity.
As a full service agency, we mould to our clients needs, specialising in branding and digital design & development.
We create journeys for our clients and guide them through every step of the creative process.
Word of mouth referrals speaks volumes about a business and this steady growth has brought us to our 5th birthday but now we want to shout a little louder

lawani tolulope

vice president, editorial

Olorunfemi catherine

Member, Board of directors

Adeagbo ayomide

manager, oasis tv

Milla Vitch

Project Lead


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